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Frequently Asked Questions

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In this section you'll discover key aspects about , the service we provide, and some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Is a real Binary Options Broker?

No we're not a binary options broker and our platform doesn't offer any form of real money trading.

Is trading on your platform similar to trading on a real binary options broker?

Yes it is. We use live market rates and market conform returns to offer you an identical experience to trading at a leading binary options broker.

Does your platform offer a FREE Binary Options Demo account?

Yes, we offer a free demo account credited with $3000 demo money for an unlimited time.

Is there a fee for trading on your platform?

No, there isn't; you can use our trading platform's free demo account for as long as you wish at no cost at all. Be aware that our platform also offers a premium membership which will give you a more real trading experience.

If I run out of demo money? Can I get more?

If you've spent all your demo money you can recharge your balance once every 24 hours only if your balance is less than $3000. This feature can be found under 'My Balance' in the drop down menu under your username.

Where can I view my trading history?

You can access your trading history via the trading area or via the drop down menu under your name at the top of screen.

Is there a limit on how many different assets can I trade on your demo platform?

Yes, we only offer around 20 different assets including currency pairs and bitcoin binary options.

Will you be adding more Assets in the future?

Yes, we're planning to add more assets including global stocks. We decided to launch our platform with currency pairs only because we're still in a development phase.

Why do you offer Bitcoin trading during the weekends?

We don't offer Bitcoin trading during the weekends anymore. Bitcoin/USD trading is now available only during normal market hours.

What trading platform do you use?

When we first launched our platform in early 2015 we used a third party software which wasn't that great and we decided to create our own platform. So, right now we're using our own trading platform which allows us to easily adapt and add new features to our trading room and website.

Do you provide a newsletter?

Yes we provide a regular newsletter which contains straightforward information about our platform, binary trading tips, market updates and signals written by our trading experts. In order to make sure you get all our emails you need to add to your approved email addresses.

Do you have a real money trading website using your trading platform?

No we don't have one at the moment. A real money trading website is something that we would like to be able to offer, but our first priority is to finish developing our platform and adding new features. Only after all our planned features are implemented during 2015 we will study the possibility of opening a real money version of our website.

How does your Top Traders feature work?

Our Top Traders feature will display the top traders on our platform based on how much profit each trader has made during a specific period of time. The Top Traders are displayed on the homepage and our Top Traders page. You can view their profiles and their trading performance by clicking on their profile picture. If you decide to use our premium TradeConncet feature you'll be able to follow our top traders and view what trades they make in real time.

Why is there a difference between your rates and my brokers/platform/mt4/TOS?

There are various reasons why our assets rates doesn't match with those of another broker, trading platform, mt4 or TOS.

Data Exchanges

Assets rates can differ depending on which exchange the data is sent from, because different data providers use different exchanges. On our platform for our Forex data we use Although you shouldn't worry because these differences will not have any effect on trading outcomes as our shortest binary option is of a 30 second duration. The speed of the data feed can also differ, right now on our platform we're updating our data once every second but we're planning to improve to a faster model towards the end of the year.

Binary Options Brokers

Be aware that binary options brokers often display the rates that they are willing to sell you the binary option at which in many cases is not the real time market rate but the rate the broker has set. Graphs at binary options brokers may also not reflect the real time market rates but the adjusted rates. Some brokers may inform you of this only in the fineprint. You'll even encounter brokers that claim to use Reuters rates, when they actually use Reuters for the expiry rate while using adjusted rates for everything else. Some binary options brokers may also use a delay built into the pricing and execution of trades in order to make it more difficult for traders to win - after all they lose money when you win and vice versa


As for the TOS platforms please note that we as any other binary option broker use the BID/ASK system for our rates. So, if you're using a TOS platform you should change your graphs to BID/ASK and not the default MARK. You should also know that TOS platforms use data from their own exchange, there for the Forex rates come from their dealing desk

What can we do to make your trader experience easier and enjoyable?

If you have a question or a suggestion don't hesitate to contact us.